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Nadia Alam (Toronto)

Born in Bangladesh but raised in Botswana, New York, Texas and Toronto, I have grown up in a very diverse world. I am now 18 years old studying my second year at Ryerson University for Hospitality and Tourism Management. My dream is to continue film-making on the side and have a career in Event Management for various arts festivals. Currently I am working on another 5 minute short film on Muslim women in Toronto for the Hysteria Festival in Toronto. I have also been involved with AIDS activism in the past, participating in YouthCare's AIDS Fashion Show in August of 2006, as well as volunteering for Fashion Cares in May 2007. In addition, I am hoping to start a YouthCare student group, the first of it's kind, at Ryerson University.


Jean-Pierre Aubé (Montréal)

Artist and programmer, Jean-Pierre Aube holds an MFA from Université du Québec a Montréal. His work work has consistently used recuperative technology and data acquisition systems to question nature. Since 2000, he has worked on capturing the sounds of the aurora borealis through the use of very low frequency receivers. His VLF.Natural Radio project was presented as a parfromance installation and lecture. In 2004 he created Save the waves an 20 000 watt ocotophonic sound system able to monitor electromagnetic perturbations in real time, as well as Nocturne, a piece for 8 led, 2 photocell and a lighthouse.


Gina Badger (Montréal)

Gina Badger is in the last gasp phase of an interdisciplinary BFA at Concordia University in Montréal, where her current research and creative projects are grounded in the history and theory of gardens. Since 2005, she has been engaged in public projects that address the politics of city space, the architecture of abandon, botany, and plant medicine: en-habitation (2005); La petite mort d'automne (2006); Fences & Ladders (2007); Tracings, for Art Matters (2007); Fête des fleurs (2007) and Éco-jardinage d’automne, for DARE-DARE (2007); and a series of workshops entitled Plants in Your Pants (2007).


Marten Berkman (Whitehorse)

Marten Berkman was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1961, studied visual arts and geography, and has explored landscapes around the world with his cameras. The north is his home and inspiration, where he lives and plays with his family upstream from Whitehorse, Yukon. From an appreciation of the Earth and the life upon it, Marten focuses his eyes and lens on landscapes and their inhabitants. His still images appear regularly in solo and group exhibits, in magazines such as Canadian Geographic and Up Here, and in books including "Three Rivers" and the limited edition "Chasms of Silence", a portfolio of his black and white high arctic work. As a film maker, his videography, artistic and photographic direction appear in Yukon dramas, documentaries, and multimedia presentations which have been shown across Canada and internationally. His film "Yukon Quest 2004", following the 1600 kilometer/1000 mile subarctic sled dog race, joined the 2004/2005 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour. His film "Three Rivers: wild waters, sacred places" from his journeys with other artists in the Peel Watershed joins the fine art exhibit of the same name on its international gallery tour. He is currently working on a project entitled "Remote Sensibility". Incorporating new media art installations, photo montage and film, "Remote Sensibility" explores industrial global culture's immaterial relationship with wild and remote places.


Bob thebuilder (Montreal)


Boredom Patrol, CIRCA (Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army)

We are Clowns because what else can one be on the edge of the nation state. Because nothing undermines the border like holding it up to ridicule. Because since the conquest tricksters have embraced the contradictions of inclusion and exclusion, creating coherence through confusion. Because in the face of facism we are fools, both fearsome and innocent, wise and stupid, entertainers and dissenters, healers and laughing stocks, scapegoats and subversives.


Kayle Brandon / Duo.Irational (UK)

I am interested the spacial and social relations that govern the realms of daily life. I like to participate in and create situations that allow a hyper-real experience of self and critical engagement on street levels. I am engaged in physical intelligence, and provocative intervention, Heath Bunting and I have been pursuing experiences that embody interests in adventure, survival, play and self guided exploration. Often we create participatory events: events tend to have self responsive organisational structures, with critical subjects to originate around and collective experiences to go home with and remember. My favourite tools tend to be low-fi, open source and simple, applying techniques that embody DIY, self governing ethics and meaningful relations. Current contexts for work: domestic infrastructure, home labs and country crafts.


Nicholas Brown, Ryan Griffis, Sarah Kanouse, Shiloh Krupar, & Laurie Palmer (US)

Nicholas Brown, Ryan Griffis, and Sarah Kanouse are members of the Critical Spatial Practice Reading Group based at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


Shiloh Krupar is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Geography at the University of California, Berkeley.


Laurie Palmer is an interdisciplinary artist and writer teaching sculpture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Roberta Buiani (Toronto)

Roberta Buiani has spent half her existence (or at least since she started having a political awareness) trying to combine theory with practice and art with activism. Based in Toronto, her life is split between academic work in new media at York University where she is completing her PhD in communication and cultural studies, and event organizing and fundraising for Fuse Magazine, where she serves in the BOD. Her interest in group dynamics and conflicts, as well as her own situation as "privileged academic precarious" has brought her to get involved with the issue of precarity.


Kevin Lee Burton (Swampy Cree from God Lake’s Narrow’s, Manitoba)

Kevin Lee Burton is Swampy Cree and originates from God’s Lake Narrows, Manitoba. Kevin is a freelance editor, camera operator and short film director residing in Vancouver. Kevin was awarded The Cynthia Lickers Sage Award for Emerging Talent at the ImagineNATIVE Film Festival for his short film Meskanahk (My Path) in 2005.


Kyd Cambell (Montreal/Vancouver)

Kyd Campbell is an independent curator from Montreal who recently lived and worked in Sofia, Bulgaria. While in Sofia, Kyd was a curatorial resident at InterSpace Media art Center and assisted curator Galia Dimitrova on the On Difference2 project and screening program. Currentlyshe is director of the HTMlles festival and is the co-founder of the ongoing Tiny Noise nomadic sound art project.


Judith Cayer (Montréal)

Judith Cayer a travaillé pendant plusieurs années sur un film documentaire tourné au Mali, en Argentine, au Brésil et au Vénézuela portant sur plusieurs éditions du Forum Social Mondial. Depuis la fin de cette aventure, qui a mené à la diffusion du film "Changer le monde : quelle drôle d'idée ?!", elle travaille en éducation populaire dans son quartier, Pointe St-Charles, en plus d'être militante de l'initiative vers un Centre Social Autogéré, projet qui vise l'occupation d'un des ateliers des terrains du CN à la Pointe en vue d'en faire un véritable centre social alternatif.


Andrew Chartier (Sherbrooke)

Andrew Chartier has participated in many solo and group shows in Québec and outside the province including at the Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke (1999), l’Art qui fait boum, Montréal (2000), Articule (2000), Space Gallery, St-Johns, New Brunswick (2000), Jardin botanique de Rouyn Noranda /Passart 2000, Espace Virtuel, Chicoutimi 2001, Centre culturel Yvonne L. Bombardier, Valcourt (2002), galerie Horace, Sherbrooke (2003), Grave, Victoriaville (2004), CEG, Sorel (2005) and the Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke (2005). From June 15th to August 15th the artist will be in residency at the Centre d’art Orford where he will produce new works and perform interventions across Parc Orford. Andrew Chartier holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine arts from Bishop’s University (1996) and a Maîtrise en arts visuels et médiatiques from UQAM (2006). He has received grants from CIAM (Centre interuniversitaire en arts médiatiques) in 2004 and The Canada Council in collaboration with Le centre d’art Orford in 2006.


Hyacinthe Combary, (Montreal/Burkina Faso)

Hyacinthe Combary Hyacinthe Combary, cinéaste et directeur photo, originaire du Burkina Faso œuvre dans le domaine de la vidéo et du cinéma depuis 1991. Lauréat du concours Nouveaux Regards de l’Office national du film du Canada, il a réalisé en 2004 le documentaire Histoire de sable. Au Québec, Hyacinthe a collaboré à diverses productions entre autres, sur la télé-série Finding our talk I et II, produit par Nutaak Media inc , le film La moitié gauche du frigo, de Philippe Falardeau , et la Course Autochtone autour de la grande Tortue produit par les productions Via le Monde DB . Outre le cinéma et la télévision, Hyacinthe partage la coordination du projet Taling Dialo sur le transfert des nouvelles technologies avec l’Afrique . http://www.hyacinthe-combary


Susan Coolen (Montréal)

Susan Coolen is a fine art photographer based in Montréal, Québec. She was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1955 and graduated with a Bachelor of Design from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1977. She moved to Montreal in 1991 to pursue a BFA in photography at Concordia University, followed by an MFA in photography at Columbia College, Chicago. Her work has been included in solo and group exhibits in Canada, the United States and Europe. These include the two-person exhibit 'Beyond Science' at Metrònom in Barcelona, Spain, 2004-05, 'Shifting Sites' with the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography and the National Gallery of Canada's "On Tour" program 2000/2003, and the international event «Encontros con la image» in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, 2000. As well she has had recent exhibits in Pittsburgh, Toronto, Vancouver, Kitchener, and Montreal.


Marie-Hélène Cousineau (Montréal)

Marie-Hélène Cousineau has been integral to the development of women's video in Igloolik, Nunavut. In 1991, she founded Tarriaksuk Video Centre with Zacharias Kunuk and Norman Cohn, and established Arnait Video Productions with Mary Kunuk and Madeline Ivalu. She still produces and directs videos for Arnait Video Productions, including the personal documentary Unakuluk, Dear Little One. She works closely with Mary Kunuk, and the pair have co-directed the videos Anaana/Mother and Ningiura/My Grandmother. Cousineau wrote the screenplay for and is currently directing Before Tomorrow for Igloolik Isuma Productions, an adaptation of For Morgendagen by the Danish writer Jorn Riel. She also coordinated the Nunavut tour of Atanarjuat/The Fast Runner for Igloolik Isuma, and was the still photographer for the film. Cousineau served as consultant in the development of the Nunavut Film Commission. From 2002 - 2004, she was the vice-president of Ajjitt, the Nunavut Filmmakers Association. She has also sat on the board of Studio XX, a feminist art organization in Montreal. Cousineau has taught media courses at the Collège Jean de Brébeuf and Concordia University in Montreal. Cousineau's video Women in Black won the Alcan Best Documentary Award at the Festival international du jeune cinéma de Montréal. She received an MFA in Communication Studies and Production from the University of Iowa in Iowa City, and an MA in Art History from the Université du Québec à Montréal. She received a BA in Art History from Université Laval in Québec City, Québec. Cousineau was born in Montreal, the city where she currently lives. In addition to video production and teaching, Cousineau works as a freelance journalist for Radio Canada International and newspapers such as Nunatsiaq News and La Presse.


Peter Cusack (UK)

Peter Cusack is a sound artist/recordist and musician with special interests in environmental sound and acoustic ecology. Current activities range from song writing, through improvised music, to research on how sound contributes to our sense(s) of place and recording projects which document areas of special sonic interest - most recently Lake Baikal, Siberia, and the Azerbaijan oil fields. He is particularly interested in global patterns of sonic change created by migrations of people who make and create them and by new technologies. In 1998 he initiated the on-going 'Your Favourite London Sound' project, which aims to find out what Londoners find positive in their city's soundscape. Currently he is involved in 'Sound & the City' the British Council's sound art project for Beijing, October 2005. Active as a performer he has played 100s of concerts at home and abroad. Musical collaborators include Clive Bell, Nic Collins, Alterations, Chris Cutler, Max Eastley, Evan Parker, Hugh Davies, Annette Krebs and Viv Corringham. He was a founder member, and director, of the London Musicians Collective and frequently collaborates with artists in other fields, especially film/video, installation and 'public art'. In collaboration with Isobel Clouter he produces 'Vermilion Sounds' , a monthly radio series on environmental sound for Resonance FM, London, now approaching 50 shows.


Kary-Ann Deer (Mohawk)

I am Mohawk, raised on the Mohawk Territory of Kahnwake, Quebec, Canada. I have been an artist for all of my life; whether it is through storytelling, illustration, painting, beadwork, singing or writing; my life is all about expression. I have been writing poetry and telling stories since my youth I have recently self-published a collection of my poems which is available for purchase. I will be translating some of my work into French for the «Femmes et poésie» Marché de la Poésie de Montréal where I will be making my debut performance. My writing had placed painting and illustration in second place for quite sometime, however, when I was invited by the Utepi Foundation to participate in the First Peoples’ Artist Symposium in 2006 a rebirth of my passion for painting erupted and I began painting turtle shells. There are 2 series presently in circulation; “Turtle Shell Legends Collection” and the “Turtle Shell Medicines Collection”.


Chris DeLaurenti (US)

Christopher DeLaurenti is a Seattle based composer, improvisor, and phonographer. A new music rabble-rouser, he also writes music reviews and articles. “My music, the offspring of my love affair with sound, incorporates murky atmospheres, unusual field recordings, everyday speech, and an array of instruments deployed in maniacal recombinant polyphony. I seek not only to capture the ordinary and extraordinary sounds of everyday life, but to bear witness to current crises that touch my conscience and impel me to respond.”


Keg de Souza & Luca Ihlein (Australia)

Keg de Souza: My background is in architecture, squatting and time-based art. I now make work, often with SquatSpace artist collective, responding to social struggles and public space with a focus on DIY and collectively organised community projects. I have just finished co-curating an exhibition, “If You See Something, Say Something”. This show spanned three galleries and involved activist, art workshops and a free distribution newspaper publication. The theme of the show was based on art and politics.


Lucas Ihlein’s art activities create social situations through collaborative process. Since 2000 he has been a member of the SquatSpace collective, which engages in the politics of space in Sydney. [www.squatspace.com]. In 2004 he was a co-founder of the Network of UnCollectable Artists (NUCA) an artist collective which produced a set of bubblegum cards featuring Australia’s 50 Most UnCollectable Artists. [www.uncollectables.net]. In 2003, he won a Freedman Foundation Scholarship to spend a month in London researching Expanded Cinema in film archives at LUX and St Martin’s College of Art. Ihlein completed his BFA (Hons) at the University of Western Sydney in 1996, and has this year commenced a practice-led research Ph.D at Deakin University. [see also http://bilateral.blog-city.com]


DJ madeskimo (Inuit)

Madeskimo is the alter-ego of Geronimo Inutiq, and is at a crossing-point of many streams and tangents of culture. Using electronic music equipment, madeskimo presents us sounds and music referencing dub, electronica, urban music, electroacoustics all with the cultural filter of having originated in the changing face of the Canadian arctic. The midnight sun; the infinite vistas of rolling hills, sky, and water of the arctic; the long cold and dark winters punctuated by the surreal dancing of northern lights; the Inuit legends and myths of yore; the sounds of nature, traditional songs, throat singing, and drumming - these are all filtered through the entity that is madeskimo. Also someone quite metropolitain, madeskimo is up to date on cutting edge postmodernity. Of Aboriginal and French Canadian ancestry, madeskimo represents the cultural dynamics of a 21st century Canadian true and through and stands to bring a challenging and refreshing postmodern aboriginal and Canadian dynamic take on electronic music to the world.http://x0a0h0.net


Duo.Irational (UK)

The DUO Collective Are a dyadic cyclone consisting of Kayle Brandon and Heath Bunting. Formed in 2002, Duo have produced a range of projects in terms of duration, formality and resources. Some are short,messy and cheap, others are long, expensive and structured.DUO's concerns and interested could be summaries as:

  • Creative destruction.
  • Collectivism and context construction.
  • Physical activation and participation.
  • Exploration, training and adventure.
  • Ecology and environment.
  • Techniques of daily life.


esther b (Montréal)

Esther B. (aka Esther Bourdages) is an art historian, photographer, and sonic explorer based in Montreal. She is the author of many articles and critical commentaries on contermporary art. She holds a Masters in Art History from the Université de Montréal. She focusses on new forms of sculpture within an expanded field, and more recently, multimedia and web art. She is also involved with some artist-run centers in Montreal. In 2001, she helped create the art association Ecube, located in the old Griffintown neighbourhood in Montreal, where, since 2003, she has curated a series of noize music events called "A Microphone in a Storm of Noize".




Patrick Fontana, Emeric Aelters, Pierre-Yves Fave (France)

Depuis une dizaine d’années, Patrick Fontana a choisi de travailler à partir de fragments, d’opérer des prélèvements sur des discours philosophiques. Il consigne ses pensées sous forme de notes dessinées qui par la suite engagent un travail plastique. Patrick Fontana a essayé d’aborder les concepts et les discours avec ses outils propres, en tant que plasticien, réalisateur, en cherchant à leur donner une traduction visuelle. Il a déjà expérimenté ce type particulier de recherche lors des séminaires de Toni Negri (travail immatériel, passage du travail dans la vie et de la vie dans le travail), de Jacques Rancière (l’esthétique de l’art) de Giorgio Agamben (philosophie), tous professeurs au Collège international de philosophie à Paris. Ces diverse expériences artistiques convergent aujourd’hui et l’amènent à réaliser GRENZE.


Nicole Fournier (Montréal)

Nicole Fournier is a visual and interdisciplinary artist. Her work is about our interrelationships with the planet and people, and connects to site specific intervention, ecovention, installation, conceptual art, land art, and performance art traditions. Fournier’s work wishes to address our relationships to other : controlled & wild environments and behavior, nature, food, bodies, gender, culture, agriculture, the

healing properties of plant, health and art.


Katerie Gladdys (US)

Katerie Gladdys is an assistant professor in digital media at the University of Florida who creates video installations and networked art. Her work maps landscapes and familiar interactions into alternative geographies that transform how we experience the ubiquitous. Recent projects have explored linguistic understanding of the landscape of a volcanic crater in Ecuador, the means of production and the mythology surrounding orange juice as metaphor for Florida tourism and mapping a commute by foraging for apples on public land.


Freda Guttman (Montréal)

Freda Guttman is an installation artist and activist. In more than forty years of research and practice, her work has been in solo and group exhibitions in Canada, the United States and internationally. She is

sceptically but enthusiastically committed to the efficacy of art practices as a tool for change. The ideas and the life of Walter Benjamin have served as a template for her latest works, Notes From the 20th, a continuum of installations.


Ralf Homann & Farida Heuck / Schleuser.net (Germany)

We are a lobby organization for business enterprises specializing in undocumented cross border human traffic. This lobby organization carries the name 'Bundesverband Schleppen und Schleusen' (trade association for smuggling people), short 'schleuser.net'. The outspoken objective of schleuser.net is image improvement for 'SchlepperInnen und SchleuserInnen' (men and women who engage in undocumented cross border traffic), the correction of the official media portrayal, and, ‘politically’, the dissolution of the association, after the law has been adjusted by legalizing any kind of public transport.


Christopher Lee Kennedy & Caroline Woolard (US)

Christopher Kennedy and Caroline Woolard are the founding members of EVERYDAY RE+ENCHANTMENT, a magazine that takes play and provocation seriously, promoting community responsibility and intervention in social space.


Chris Kennedy holds degrees in Environmental Engineering, Ecological Economics, Value, and Policy from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Masters in Education from NYU to demonstrate experiential learning in its many contexts.


Caroline Woolard received her BFA from Cooper Union and is best known for the public seating she attaches to the posts of no-parking signs in New York.


Kathy Kennedy (Montréal)

Kathy Kennedy is a sound artist with a background in classical singing. Her art practise generally involves the voice and issues of interface with technology, often using telephony or radio. She is also involved in community art, and is a founder of the digital media center for women in Canada, Studio XX, as well as the innovative choral group for women Choeur Maha. Her large scale sonic installation/performances for up to 100 singers and radio, called "sonic choreographies," have been performed internationally including the inauguration of the Vancouver New Public Library and at the Lincoln Center's Out of Doors Series.


Aaron Lakoff (Montreal)

Aaron Lakoff is an activist and independent journalist with CKUT

community radio 90.3FM - in Montreal. When he is not writing, he is fighting for a world without borders, bosses, or deadlines.


Marc-Antoine Lapierre / Critical World (Montréal)

Critical World is based in the Department of Anthropology at the Université de Montréal, under the supervision of Professor Bob W. White. Critical World includes the participation of professors, researchers, students and artists from various cultural backgrounds and disciplinary perspectives. Marc-Antoine Lapierre is an M.A. candidate in Anthropology at l’Université de Montréal). His thesis is entitled Yéyé et mondialisation and he is a member of production team of Critical World.


Sophie Le-Phat Ho (Montréal)

Sophie Le-Phat Ho is a young cultural organiser and researcher. She is co-founder of Artivistic, a transdisciplinary gathering on the interPlay between art, information and activism. She is also co-curator of UpgradeMTL, a monthly gathering on art, technology and culture at the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT), as part of Upgrade International. She was programming coordinator and editor-in-chief of .dpi at Studio XX, feminist media art centre, and has also acted as project officer of terminus1525.ca's online arts community at the Canada Council for the Arts. With a background in Environmental Studies and Medical Anthropology at McGill University, she is currently completing an MA in Anthropology of Health and the Body in the 21C at Goldsmiths College (University of London).



Francesca Manning, Baruch de Spinoza, Annie Dillard & Adam Bobbette (Yay Area/Netherlands/Virginia/Montreal)


Adam is living in montreal, writing and building, learning about knots and robots.


Francesca is currently pinning down thoughts with bug-needles, writing about 'the tactical', and heart-ing bedstuy.


Spinoza believed that there was no difference in kind between a human being and a rock. He thought god=nature=the causal and material relationship of all things.


Annie Dillard is busy being a spectre.


Nahed Mansour (Montreal)

Currently pursuing an MFA in Open Media at Concordia, my endurance-based performance art works problematize the (in)ability of bodies to traverse stereotypical constructions of ethnic and gendered identities. The dual nature of 'entry', as privilege and right, was at the core of works I presented at Nuit Blanche-Toronto and 7a*11d's International Performance Art Festival. As well, it was the underlying theme of a performance art series I curated for Fado's 2007 Emerging Artists Series titled Enter-gration (www.performanceart.ca).


Maxence Mercier et Thomas Fourmond ( Otra ) (France)

Maxence Mercier est un artiste, compositeur et plasticien, aux idées expérimentales(!). Actif dans de nombreux domaines, notamment l'élaboration de projets pluridisciplinaires mêlant art numérique, installations, théâtre, danse et pédagogie, il entretient un rapport de convergence entre image, son, interactivité, mise en scène, et se questionne sur des sujets aux problématiques humaines. http://www.maxencemercier.com


Le travail de Thomas Fourmond consiste à développer des oeuvres invitant le public - individu, citoyen, simple consommateur - à questionner ses propres mécanismes, réflexes, et comportements quotidiens. Ses creations prennent la forme d'environnements interactifs mettant en jeu des relations individuelles et sociales, d'actions ou de modifications de l'espace public ou encore d'oeuvres web, sonores ou vidéos. ths@o-tra.net


Ryan Mitchell-Morrison (Mik'mag from Listuguj)

Humdinger aka Ryan Mitchell-Morrison, is a Mik'mag Native from the Atlantic Coast. Lives in Vancouver BC where he plays straight up rock in Daddys Hands, makes noise and free form music with Local performers as well as internationals such as Arrington de Dionysio (Old Time Relijun) and Brett Larner from Japan, and goofs around on his laptop making smashed up, crimped and pimped ditty wahs. His handwriting has gotten increasingly worse since he has owned a laptop. He would also like to own a dog someday.

Melissa Mollen Dupuis (Montréal)

Mélissa Mollen Dupuis, 29 ans, Innue originaire d’Ekuanitshit sur la Côte-Nord. Étudiante en arts visuels et médiatiques à l'UQAM. Animatrice au Jardin des Premières-Nations et au Musée McCord. Sa démarche inclut la vidéo numérique, la performance et la narration.


Emilie Monnet (Montréal)

Émilie Monnet est née de mère algonquine et de père français. Elle collabore régulièrement avec Ondinnok, compagnie de théâtre autochtone, et est l'une des organisatrices d'Artivistic. Depuis plusieurs années, elle est également impliquée sur divers projets visant à bâtir des ponts entre les peuples autochtones des Amériques. Émilie détient u ne formation en arts médiatiques avec le Indigenous Media Arts Group (IMAG) et est diplômée du programme d'interprétation pour autochtones offert par Ondinnok en collaboration avec l'École nationale de théâtre du Canada.


No One is Illegal–Montreal

The No One Is Illegal campaign of Montreal is part of a worldwide movement of resistance, struggling collectively for the self-determination of migrants and indigenous peoples.


Silvy Panet-Raymond (Montréal)

Silvy has been active in the Montréal dance community for more than two decades . She co-founded Tangente, a key venue for new and experimental dance and produced her work as one of the first ‘independent’ choreographers, often in collaboration with visual artists and new composers. In the mid-eighties, she co-founded Art-Adventure with sculptor Domingo Cisneros and perfomance artist-writer Wanda Campbell, and organized multidisciplinary, international and site-specific artistic laboratories in such places as the Zone of Silence in northen Mexico and the Mitchinamecus reservoir in the northern Laurentians. She has received Canada Council and Quebec cultural affairs funding to do research in Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia, Thailand, Eastern Europe and Russia. She spent part of last year in Croatia, as artistic mentor for Histeria Nova dance company and its director Marija Šćekić for whom she choreographed a solo, featured in the Zagreb Music Biennale. In the city of Zadar, she taught workshops organized z.v.u.k., an arts and social activism group. In addition to guest teaching in Europe, she is a full-time faculty member of the Contemporary Dance Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University. She is interested in liminality, that which give access to new perspectives; she’s also exploring how the ‘false’ is used to attract the ‘authentic’. She likes working with vitality, humour and commitment.


Christian LeBlanc: Créateur prônant un engagement dans l’action et la rencontre, Christian LeBlanc acquiert sa formation à l’École de théâtre du Cégep de St-Hyacinthe, à l’École de mime de Montréal et participe à différents stages de mise en scène.

Il défend plusieurs rôles dans les créations d’Omnibus au Québec et à l’international et coécrit la pièce L’entrepôt avec Jean Asselin. Dès 2004, il assume la codirection artistique de la Compagnie Mâle|Femelle (théâtre), à travers laquelle il met en œuvre ses projets personnels, dont deux spectacles qu’il écrit et met en scène, Le lièvre et le loup et 200 épreuves, présentés tous deux à Espace Libre. Il participe en 2005 à diverses performances au sein d’un collectif d’artistes visuels. Et il joue aussi dans plusieurs courts métrages et dans le film primé de Denis Côté, Les États Nordiques, pour lequel il collabore au scénario. Il danse pour Isabel Mohn en 2007 dans Perfect Stranger. Il travaille aussi à la création La chute fût lente… en tant que metteur en scène pour la compagnie multidisciplinaire Rhizome de Québec. Un laboratoire a eu lieu en juillet 2007, la production est prévue pour janvier 2008.


Caroline Dubois est une artiste interdisciplinaire, à la fois performeuse, chorégraphe et interprète. Elle chorégraphie des actions qu’elle met en scène. Elle questionne les rapports de force qui se créent à l'intérieur de différents groupes de gens. Elle recherche le malaise, exige la mise en relation de plusieurs corps et ouvre ainsi un vaste laboratoire touchant autant la notion de plaisir que la notion de violence. Elle a étudié la danse contemporaine à l'Université Concordia et les Arts Visuels et Médiatiques à l'UQÀM. Elle travaille en collaboration avec différents artistes tel que Sylvain Baumann, Belinda Campbell et Julie Favreau. Comme interprète, elle a travaillé pour Silvy Panet-Raymond, Lucie Grégoire et Isabel Mohn. Elle a présenté son travail en France, à Montréal, avec les centres d'artistes Dare-Dare, Clark, Skol, au Bain Mathieu, au Studio 303, au Studio du Monument National, à Tangente, au Théâtre Lachapelle et à la Place des Arts. Cette année, elle travaillera pour la chorégraphe Silvy Panet-Raymond, avec le metteur en scène Jacob Wren de la compagnie PME, ainsi qu’avec la compagnie Rhizome à la maison de la culture Ahunstic et le centre d’art Dare-Dare où elle présentera Plan d’aménagement avec Julie Favreau en novembre prochain.


andrew gryf paterson (Scotland/Finland)

My artist-organiser practice involves working in variable roles of initiator, participant, author and curator, according to different collaborative and cross-disciplinary projects. Recently, these roles have operated inbetween the fields of media/network/environmental activism and socially-engaged arts; where I like to engage in the process with a devised workshop, situation, or performative event(s). This activity has evolved from a BA(hons) fine art background at Glasgow School of Art, applying layers and processes of printmaking; crafting poetic text and mediated remote relationships ; learning-through-doing community-specific arts development in Alloa, Scotland, and Middlesbrough, NE England; following a MSc conversion course in Computer-applied Graphical Technology Applications at University of Teesside, Middlesbrough; developing virtual-augmented environments, connecting notions of site, memory and interaction; contributing to early locative media production and discourse in the independent media art scene of the Baltic Sea region. Through these different educations, I have developed and specialised an awareness of mobile and collaborative interactions in physical and online public space. My nomadic personality and migrant histories are increasingly accompanied by a belief that story-making/telling and listening are good/useful modes of engaging, and representing my own or others’ forever-changing experience. Since 2003, I have undertaken practice-led research as a Doctorate of Arts candidate at Media Lab UIAH in Helsinki, Finland, consolidating under the title of 'Contextual Media Fieldwork: participatory mobile systems, devised events, and socially-engaged art practice'. I have presented my research and projects in numerous seminars and conferences across Europe and Australia within both academic and independent venues. As outcomes-and-goings of this practice, I have coordinated local and international workshops for multi-disciplinary professionals, students and young people in UK, Latvia, Finland, Norway, Turkey, United States and Australia. What is left behind as digital, material and ephemeral residue of 'being t/here' is a consistent concern.


Carry Peppermint & Christine Nadir (US)

Cary Peppermint is a conceptual artist who works with digital technologies to realize immersive environments, live performance, sound art, interactive installations, and the internet. He is assistant professor of digital art at Colgate University.


Christine Nadir is a doctoral candidate at Columbia University where she is completing her dissertation on environmental art and literature.

Christine and Cary's collaborative platform of digital environmental art is located at http://www.ecoarttech.net/



Eric Powell, Will Hall & Alison Powell (UK/CA)

Eric Powell is an interdisciplinary sound artist whose work has been heard across Canada. His practice focuses on the relationships between the sounding object, space and place. Recent work includes a site specific installation at "Crossfiring" at the Claybank brick factory in Southern Saskatchewan, "Sub-Theory: Iceberg Sculptures," a gallery installation in Minneapolis MN in collaboration with Margaret Pezalla Granlund, and electroacoustic underscoring for Vancouver's public transit system. Eric is an MFA student in the School for Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University.


Will Hall is a co-founder of Hive Networks <http://www.hivenetworks.net>, an interdisciplinary network of artists, engineers, programmers, and curators based in London, UK. Hive develops hardware that permit interaction between humans, networks and media art. Hive allows artists to realize new media projects using inexpensive consumer electronic devices. Will has a degree in Acoustic Engineering from ISVR (Institute of Sound and Vibration Reasearch, Southampton, UK) and has worked as a software developer for over 10 years.


Alison Powell investigates technology, culture, and public space in her academic and activist work. As a PhD candidate in Communications Studies at Concordia University, she has written and presented on the role of telecommunications infrastructure in defining urban spaces, and on community efforts to redevelop and redefine communication and information. She is also involved in Île Sans Fil’s local wifi and community media projects, and in the World Summits on Free Information Infrastructures.


Hilary Ramsden

Hilary Ramsden is a performer, director of Walk and Squawk, member of the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination. Her work is a particular (and possibly peculiar) blend of live art, clown, movement and artivism, which expresses her belief in the power of art to transform lives on a personal and political level.



Alessandra Renzi

I moved to Toronto a couple of years ago from Berlin, Germany, where I carried out a lot of research on minority groups and did advocacy work around social justice within migrant communities. I am committed to developing links between academia and activist communities to create more effective networks of resistance. At present, I am writing my PhD on(/with) Telestreet, an Italian network of pirate television producers, at OISE/University of Toronto. I am a member of CAMERA (The Committee on Alternative Medi Experimentation, Research and Analysis), a collective of half-baked academics, video artists and activists culture jamming and running media literacy workshops in Canadian institutions. I am also collaborating with various groups in Toronto to reflect and act around the issue of precarity.


Jayce Salloum (Vancouver)

Jayce Salloum has been working in installation, photography, mixed & new media and video since 1975, as well as curating exhibitions, conducting workshops and coordinating cultural events. After 22 years living and working in San Francisco, Banff, Toronto, San Diego, Beirut, and New York, he now lives/works out of Vancouver. His work takes place in a variety of contexts critically engaging itself in the representation of cultural/social/political manifestations and other cultures.


Elia Suleiman who collaborated with Salloum on Muqaddimah Li-Nihayat Jidal (Introduction to the End of an Argument) Speaking for oneself .../Speaking for others....is a Palestinian-Israeli film director and actor. He is best known for the 2002 film Divine Intervention (Arabic: Yad Ilahiyya), a modern tragic comedy on living under occupation in the Palestinian territories which won the Jury Prize at the 2002 Cannes

Film Festival.


Marjolaine Samson (Montreal)

Femme québécoise. 25 ans. DEC en Graphisme. BAC en Arts Visuels. Tentative de combiner les deux.



Anik Sioui (Huron-Wendat)

Anik is from Abitibiwinni First Nation in Québec who is in the second year of a community psychology doctoral program at l’Universitié du Québec à Montréal. She has a psychology degree from l’Université de Montréal and worked as a counsellor at the Native Women’s Shelter of Montréal before returning to school. After she achieves her doctorate Anik intends to focus her research on the prevention of child abuse.


Stanza (UK)

Stanza is a London based British artist who specializes in net art, networked spaces, installations and performances. His award winning online projects have been invited for exhibition in digital festivals around the world, and Stanza also travels extensively to present his net art, lecturing and giving performances of his audiovisual interactions. His works explore artistic and technical opportunities to enable new aesthetic perspectives, experiences and perceptions within context of architecture, data spaces and online environments.


Anja Steidinger & Gerard Cuartero (Spain)

Anja Steidinger was born in 1972 Berlin / Germany, lives and works in Barcelona / Catalunya / Spain. She studied Fine Arts at Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg (HfbK) and is interested in investigating structures of power and their impact. Anja is part of "enmedio", which is a group and a space in Barcelona. "enmedio" is about new resources, to put them to use and experience the possibilities, a place of investigation, production and collective creation open to all. http://www.enmedio.info/ In colaboration with Anja Hertenberger she makes the projekt "workplaces at night" http://www.workplacesatnight.net/, that will participate in the exhibition "no time to lose" curated by Milena Placentile in 2008."hello/ good bye", a video installation and collaboration with Raul Cordero, Biennale de Cuba 2006. "8 seconds" closed circuit installation, shopping Mall, Hamburg 2006, "papas y co", video 34 minutes about father figures and ideology, Hamburg 2005. Collaborative Projekt with Gerard Cuartero-Betriu for artivistic 07 / Montreal: www.inhabitedmindmapping.net


Gerard Cuartero i Betriu

1979 Barcelona / Catalunya / Spain. He is doing a Masters Degree in “Artistic Productions and Research”, Facultat de Belles Arts de Barcelona (UB). Architect by the Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura La Salle, Universitat Ramon Llull. Barcelona.(E.T.S.A.L.S.) Collaborated as an Assistant Teacher in the Architectural Analysis Department in E.T.S.A.L.S. Barcelona, 2000-2003. Public Library and Internodal Station in Sitges, Barcelona, 2007. Social housing building in Vall d'Hebrón, Barcelona, 2007. "inhabited mindmapping" is it possible to inhabit an idea? collaboration with Anja Steidinger / Montreal. www.inhabitedmindmapping.net. "cadavre exquis" collaboration with Jordi Queralt / BAC07 festival / CCCB Barcelona 2008.


Texta (Australia)

Texta has hung her felt-tip drawings of naked friends in contemporary art museums; squatted council buildings for housing, a gallery and community shenanigans; had work auctioned for charity at $10000; co-hosted a squatting show on community radio; made animation for television; helped her sister make a house out of milk crates; done a swish art residency in New York and joined others to reclaim wasted space for creative, arty interaction across Australia and the globe.


The Think Tank that has yet to be named (US)

The Think Tank that has yet to be named initiates site-specific conversations, performative actions, and educational projects that interrogate contemporary urban issues in the places where we encounter them. The Think Tank is an interdisciplinary, collaborative group of artists and activists based in Philadelphia. For the Artivistic conference, the Think Tank is represented by Jeremy Beaudry, Jethro Heiko, Aaron Hughes, and Meredith Warner. For more information: http://thinktank.boxwith.com/


the vacuum cleaner (UK)

the vacuum cleaner is an artist/activist collective of one fashioning radical, social and ecological change. By employing various creative legal/illegal tactics and forms the vacuum cleaner attempts to disrupt concentrations of power and reverse the impending collapse of planet earth. the vacuum cleaner work in very varied contexts from interventions in corporate and public spaces like Selfridges, Starbucks, Virgin Megastores, Barclays Bank, House of Fraser, Asda, Sainsburys, The City of London, Wall Street and the Nokia HQ. We have made installations, presentation, documentation and performance in spaces such as the CCA, Glasgow International, ICA, PSI 12, Liverpool Biennial, Fierce Festival, Baltic Mills, Peacock Visual Arts (UK) Wooster Collective, 16 Beaver Street, Amnesty International, Museum of Contemporary Art, Buddy (USA) Society for Arts and Technology (Canada) International Performance Festival (Columbia) Impakt, CASA, The Arts as Opinion Leader (Holland) Inn Motion (Spain) Anti-Festival, FSF (Finland) Digital Arts Laboratory (Israel). www.thevacuumcleaner.co.uk


tobias c. van Veen

[tobias c. van Veen] is a renegade theorist & pirate, techno-turntablist & writer based in Montréal. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, tobias performed and organised technoculture interventions on the West Coast of North America throughout the ‘90s. Since 1993 he has directed conceptual and sound-art events, online interventions and radio broadcasts working with STEIM, Mutek, the New Forms Festival, the Banff Centre, the Video-In, Upgrade! International, the Vancouver New Music Society & Hexagram. His work has appeared in CTheory, EBR, Bad Subjects, Leonardo, FUSE (contributing editor), e/i (columnist), the Wire, HorizonZero and through Autonomedia, among others. His writing has been translated into Spanish, Lithuanian and French and his tactical media, net and sound-art disseminated through Rhizome.org, Javamuseum.org, RRF, Kunstradio, Burn.fm, CiTR, a handful of contemporary art museums (Denver, Barcelona, etc.), No Type and the and/OAR labels. From 1993-2001 he was Direktor of the sonic performance Collective [shrumtribe.com] on the West Coast and co-founder of technoWest.org and thisistheonlyart.com. He currently hosts the Upgrade Montréal [theupgrade.sat.qc.ca] and is Concept Engineer at the Society for Arts and Technology [sat.qc.ca]. Djing since ’93, tobias' style is marked by the cut-up & non-linear mixing styles of 3-deck future techno & house: Detroit, minimal, dub, glitch and acid. Spin that through the regional markers of context & the application of concept (masochism, atmosphere, ritual). His Dj sets have appeared on BetaLounge.com, Burn.fm, NoType.com’s BricoLodge sublabel and Techno.ca, and his skills have graced events worldwide. With Winnipeg's DJ Fishead he hosts the net.radio mix ControltoChaos.ca. An article discussing his experimental work with turntable scripts appeared in Leonardo Music Journal 13. Tobias is doctoral candidate in Philosophy & Communication Studies at McGill University, writing on the philosophy of technology and AfroFuturism. He still mixes a mean absynthe martini, likes black squares & typewriters, and spends as much time freeskiing and longboarding as possible. His blog resides at: [http://www.quadrantcrossing.org/blog ]/


Julie Vaudrin-Charette (Québécoise), Julie Champagne Grenier (Québécoise)

Julie Vaudrin Charette: Je suis une apprentie-coyote, 'le clown sacré', passeurE, dévouée à construire des ponts entre les cultures. Je cherche mon arrière grand-mère huronne wendat. J'utilise le théâtre comme language de guérison et de dialogue depuis plusieures années, en Afrique, au Pérou, et ici. Et je cherche...


Julie Champagne Grenier: Sous le signe du feu, je suis une célébrante qui chérit les arts tribaux et leurs pouvoirs transformateurs. Le mouvement, les gestes et le langage du coeur sont mes outils privilégiés. Chercheure en travail rituel et pan-culturel, je rassemble et explore à travers le corps des voies de passages.


Leticia Vera & Hildelena Vazquez (Mexique)

Originaire du Mexique, Leticia Vera se spécialise dans l’exploration de la dramaturgie corporelle et la recherche du mouvement scénique contemporaine. Elle est titulaire d’un diplôme d’Interprète en Danse Contemporaine de la Escuela Nacional de Danza Contemporánea de l’INBA, au Mexique. En 1992, elle commence son travail d’interprète à Mexico, avec d’importants chorégraphes et metteurs en scène. En 1998, elle fonde le groupe Adlibitum-Danza.


Hildelena Vazquez is a Mexican dancer and choreographer. Her dance career started in Mexico City in 1992. From 1994 to 2001 she was a member and collaborator for Baja California troupe Paralelo 32, with whom she performed at several dance festivals around Mexico and the U.S. She has been the recipient of various grants to create work in her hometown. In 1998 was awarded best dancer of the company at the Festival Internacional de San Luis Potosi. In 2006 she obtained her BFA in dance from Concordia University.


Volatile Works (www.volatileworks.org) is a five member autonomous media arts collective that has been active for four years in Montreal, Québec. Their works have appeared in over 150 film and new media festivals in over 30 countries around the world. They organize regular screenings and events, and have collaborated with other collectives and bands on community-based screenings, workshops in activist video, and music videos. Volatile Works was awarded the Special flEXiff Award for a program of five of their films at the First and the Last Experimental International Film Festival, West Sydney, Australia, and the Special MUFF Award for four of its films at the Second Montreal Underground Film Festival (MUFF).


Tamara Vukov / Volatile Works (Montréal)

Tamara Vukov is a media artist, writer, and activist whose video, film, and new media work has been presented in over 15 countries. She is a member of the Volatile Works media arts collective, and participates in the migrant justice/noborder movement. In collaboration with Volatile Works and the Global Balkans network, she is filming a feature-length documentary on the neoliberal transition in Serbia. She is a postdoctoral researcher at the Media@McGill Centre for Critical Research in Media, Technology, and Culture in Montréal.


Wapikoni Mobile

Since 2004, the Wapikoni Mobile has been travelling around 11 Aboriginal communities in remote areas of Quebec. A veritable herd of nomadic artists, Wapikoni Mobile has offered digital technology training to 650 young people from the Algonquin, Atikamekw, Cree, Innu and Mohawk nations. With both cultural and social ambitions, Wapikoni mobile offers these young people a new way of talking about and seeing the world. Wapikoni Mobile is an initiative of filmmaker Manon Barbeau, in co-production with the National Film Board of Canada and in collaboration with Les productions des beaux jours. Fondé par la cinéaste Manon Barbeau avec l'aide de l'ONF, Wapikoni mobile est ce studio, tantôt ambulant, tantôt permanent, qui permet à des jeunes de 11 communautés autochtones du Québec de réaliser des courts métrages en témoignant des réalités de leurs milieux de vie.


David Widgington (Montréal)

David Widgington’s first interest in posters was as a child, a with a poster of Woodstock on his bedroom wall. He has collecting posters for about 10 years. He has made several short documentaries as a member of the videoactivist collective Les Lucioles, and has hosted an information morning show on the alternative radio station CKUT 90.3 FM. He is founding publisher of Cumulus Press.


Sam Wild & Ellie Walton (UK)

Sam Wild is from London and has a background in print journalism (The Times and The Independent). He began to make films during the anti-G8 protests in Genova (Italy) in July 2001 and has recently completed an MA in Screen Documentary at the University of London. He has recently completed a film for the WWF (Switzerland) and is currently finishing a film about wolves in Ticino. He is 36 years old.


Ellie Walton is from Washington DC and has a background in radio journalism. She started making films with youth groups in Edinburgh and has recently completed an MA in Screen Documentary at the University of London. She is currently working on a documentary project based in several UK prisons. She is 25 years old.


Mushon Zer-Aviv and Dan Phiffer (Israel/US)

Mushon designs, teaches, writes for mags, acts and netarts within new media. He is interested in particular in challenging the perception of territory and borders and the way they are shaped through politics, culture, globalization and the world wide web. He lives with his wife and cat in New York.


Dan is a new media hacker from California, interested in exploring the cultural dimension of inexpensive communications networks such as voice telephony and the Internet.

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